Our works are sold on a first come first served basis. Because we accept orders by phone and over the counter at the same time, availability might be different from current display. Please check final availability when you get your order confirmation e-mail.

Settlement of the order

Some works cannot be sent to certain regions depending on their size and price. We will contact our shipping agent and inform you if we can send the work to your address in order confirmation e-mail. If a work cannot be sent to your address, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

Color of the works

The color of the works might be different from how it appears on your monitor and PC environment.


Unless otherwise mentioned, the work's dimensions are written in the following order:
height x width / overall height x overall width

Works' States

Sold: Work has been already sold, but you can still add it to "Saved Works."
On Hold: Work is on hold for another client. You can join the waiting list by clicking the "Be on the Waiting List" button. We will send an e-mail notification should the work become available again.

Payment Method

Bank Transfer

If you chose bank tranfer for payment you will receive our bank account information via e-mail together with the final price and the shipping charge. Please transfer the amount within ten days. Should we not be able to confirm your payment within ten days we reserve the right to cancel the order. Clients will be responsible for international bank transfer fees.

Credit Card

We accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and Discover. We will charge the amount after notification of the final price including the shipping charge. If at the time of you order the work was already sold to another customer via phone or over the counter, or if you don't agree with the shipping charge, we will not charge your card.


Please indicate any preference for the name on your receipt when placing your order.


Shipping Method

Work(s) will be shipped after confirmation of payment.

Shipping Charge

We will request a quote from our shipper after we confirmed your order. The final amount will be indicated in the order confirmation e-mail.

Cancellation and Guarantee System

Canceling an Order

After confirmation of the order we usually do not accept any cancellation.

Changing Shipping Address

In case of a change of the shipping address, please let us know via phone or e-mail. Given the work has not yet been shipped we will accommodate your changes.

Return Policy

Our works are carefully selected. Please understand that we do not usually accept any returns.

Authenticity Guarantee System

Shibunkaku Online Shop places highest priority on the authenticity of our works. For works by many artists from the Meiji period onward, we rely on a network of trusted authenticators and authenticating organizations. In the unlikely event that for a work sold on this site a requested certificate of authenticity could not be issued, we will cancel the purchase and return all payments including any authenticating fees (please note that fees for authenticity certificates are charged to the customer if authenticity is confirmed). For all works with no official authenticators or authenticating organizations, our in-house experts have conducted a thorough assessment before they were added to this site.

Membership System

Members-only Services

・Saved Works

You can add works to your Saved Works list. Saved Works can be viewed on your "My Account" page.

・Saved Artists

You can follow artists by adding them to your Saved Artists list. You will receive notifications by e-mail whenever artworks by your saved artists come up for sale on our site.

・Waiting List

When work(s) that have been on hold become available again, we will send an e-mail notification to the clients who registered for the waiting list with the "Be on the Waiting List" button.

・Viewing of Special Curated Contents

Registered members can see all Special Curated Contents uploaded irregularly.

・E-mail Announcements

News from Shibunkaku Online shop will be sent to members who sign up for the e-mail newsletter.


・How to Register

Please register using the "Register" on the top right of the menu. Registration requires a name, e-mail address and password.

・Updating Your Information

Your membership information can by updated on the "My Account" page.

・If You Forgot Your Password

Go to the "Sign In" page and follow the link below the button ("Click here if you have forgotten your Password").

・Cancel Your Membership

You can cancel your membership by clicking the link on the bottom right of your "My Account" page.