Kuroda Tatsuaki

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Wood and lacquer craftsman from Kyoto. Tatsuaki studied with his father, the lacquer master Kuroda Kamekichi, but frustrated with the system of work separation in lacquer arts, he began to take charge of the complete production cycle all by himself. Inspired by Yanagi Kōetsu’s folk art movement, he founded the Kamigamo Folk Art Association in 1927. Tatsuaki specialized in delicate woodwork, including carved objects and cabinetwork, for which he also would create surface finishes in dry lacquer and mother-of-pearl. In 1968, he provided furnishings for the new Imperial Palace building in Tokyo. Member of the Japan Folk Art Association and a trustee of the Japan Kōgei Association. In 1970, Tatsuaki was named a Living National Treasure for the preservation of wood arts.


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