Umehara Ryūzaburō

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Born in Kyoto, Umehara graduated from Kansai Art Academy, studying yōga (Western-style painting) under Itō Yasuhiko and Asai Chū. After coming to France, he studied at the Académie Julian in Paris, and further apprenticed under Renoir. After returning to Japan, Umehara became one of the founding members of the Nika-kai and Shun’yō-kai art associations, and also established the Western Painting Division within the Kokuga sosaku-kyōkai art association. Incorporating the traditions of the Rinpa and Nanga schools, Umehara built a unique artistic style characterized by rich and beautiful colors, thereby playing a significant role in shaping a facet of Japanese Western-style painting. Umehara served as a professor at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, and held memberships in the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, the Imperial Academy of Arts, and the Imperial Household Art and Crafts Institute. He was the honorary member of the Japan Art Institute and the member of the Japan Art Academy. He was also awarded the Order of Culture.

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