Nishiyama Suishō

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Nihonga painter from Kyoto. Nishiyama graduated from the Kyoto City School of Arts and Crafts. He studied with Takeuchi Seihō and participated in widely in competitive exhibitions such as National Industrial Exhibition, National Art Exhibition (Zenkoku kaiga kyōshinkai), Teiten, Bunten or Inten. Nishiyama was appointed a professor at the Kyoto Municipal School of Painting, where he eventually became the school’s president. He founded the private painting school Shōkōsha and counted Dōmoto Inshō, Nakamura Daizaburō and Uemura Shōkō among his students. Nishiyama was married to one of Takeuchi Seihō’s daughters. Member of the Japan Art Academy and Imperial Household Artist.


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