Dōmoto Inshō

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Nihonga painter from Kyoto. Dōmoto graduated from the Kyoto City School of Arts and Crafts and initially worked in textile design, but later studied Nihonga under Nishiyama Suishō at the Kyoto Municipal School of Painting and Seikōsha, Suishō’s private painting school. Dōmoto worked in a variety of media and styles, including sculpture and craft. He earned a reputation through many commissions for large-scale and grandiose sliding door and wall paintings at distinguished Buddhist temples such as Daitokuji, Ninnaji, Tōji and Daigoji in Kyoto. Dōmoto established his own painting school Tōkyūsha and was appointed a professor at the Kyoto Municipal School of Painting. From the 1950s onwards, he engaged in abstract painting and exhibited widely in Japan and abroad.


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