Imamura Shikō

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Nihonga painter from Kanagawa Prefecture. After studying with Matsumoto Fūko, Shikō joined Yasuda Yukihiko’s Shikōkai art association, which later renamed itself Kōjikai and centered on the revival of history painting. He exhibited at Tatsumigakai art association and the Bunten exhibitions, receiving mentorship by Okakura Tenshin. Aspiring to a style in the vein of Tawaraya Sōtatsu and Tomioka Tessai, Shikō produced a number of remarkable works in an exuberant, original manner. After the dissolution of the Kōjikai, he joined Hayami Gyoshū and Omoda Seiju to establish the Sekiyōkai art association and participated in the revival of the Japan Art Academy.


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