Ikeda Yōson

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Nihonga painter from Okayama Prefecture. Prior to the Kyoto City School of Arts, Yōson learned yōga (Western-style painting) at Matsubara Sangorō’s private school, Tensai-gajuku, and later became a disciple of Chikujō-kai art association founded by Takeuchi Seihō. Yōson expanded into a distinctive artistic realm, creating vivid and lively landscape paintings that employed the bird’s-eye view technique, influenced by Tomita Keisen. He co-founded Suimei-kai and Sosei-sha art associations with Uemura Shōkō and Hamada Kan respectively. He also established his own private school, Seito-sha, dedicated to nurturing young painters. Yōson served as the jury in Shin-bunten and Nitten exhibitions and was appointed as the adviser to Nitten. He was a member of the Japan Art Academy, and was designated Person of Cultural Merit, and received the Order of Culture.

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