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Tsubaki Sadao


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44 × 64 / 46.5 × 66 cm
Color on paper, framed


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    Painter from Yamagata Prefecture. Tsubaki went to Tokyo to study under Kishida Ryūsei and became a founding member of the Sōdosha art association. He exhibited at various art exhibitions including the Tatsumi-gakai art association, the Japan Art Institute, and the Nika-kai association exhibitions. He initially participated in the founding of the Shun’yō-kai art association as a guest member, but later took part in the establishment of the Daichōwa-kai association under the proposal of Mushanokōji Saneatsu and others. Tsubaki made efforts in the postwar period to establish the Chiba Prefectural Art Association and also engaged in nihonga production. Member of the Kokuga-kai art association.

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