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Hayashi Takeshi Exhibition: She

Hayashi Takeshi Exhibition: She

June 1 (Monday)-June 13 (Saturday), 2020
10:00–18:00 Closed on June 7 (Sunday)

355 Motomachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0089, Japan
Tel: 075-531-0001 Fax: 075-531-5533

When thinking of Hayashi Takeshi’s art, what comes to mind are his paintings of roses and the red Mount Fuji. While these works represent Hayashi’s vivid sense of color and energetic brushwork, the artist’s interests were more multi-facetted than is generally acknowledged. His portraiture, a lesser known part of Hayashi’s oeuvre, reveals the more subtle aspects of the painter’s style, his ability to adjust himself to the character of his models, his experimentation with various media apart of oil painting including ink, conté and pastels, and his interest in the various appearances of female beauty. Shibunkaku presents a selection of Hayashi’s portraiture of women that hopes to bring the painter’s achievements to the attention of a larger audience and to consolidate his standing as integral part of the Japanese postwar tradition.

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