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Akagi Akito Exhibition

Akagi Akito: Objects for Tea

Shibunkaku Online Shop presents Akagi Akito: Objects for Tea, a selection of works by the lacquer artist Akagi Akito, who continues to combine the traditional techniques of Wajima lacquerware with a fresh and modern taste. This exhibition highlights Akagi’s tea boxes, which are collaborative efforts of high aesthetic refinement, channeling the creative energy of various other artists that Akagi enjoys working with.

Akagi’s tea boxes are complemented with bowls and plates of different types, sizes and shapes, all of them delicate objects that serve to enliven one’s everyday. At the moment we are spending more time at home and inevitably pay closer attention to our domestic environments. Bowls and plates of course are fundamental to our culinary customs. Akagi’s works provide a touch of the exceptional to the mundane acts of daily routine.

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